The options discussed on this page are found by selecting Menu --> Setup --> Orders --> Hawkstone Lens Catalogues

A large amount of our support calls are based around spectacle lens data appearing incorrectly in FLEX, for example:

  • A lens is not listed
  • The parameters of the lens are incorrect
  • Tint and Coat data is missing.

This section helps you to manage the lens data. In this section:

Firstly though, some general settings for the Dispense module, shown below:

Dispense Type: These option appear in a drop-down on the Dispense Screen.

Dispense Reason: These options also appear in a drop-down on the Dispense Screen. One can be chosen as the Default.

Settings: Use Legacy Lens Selector: (when ticked) use the previous version of the lens selection wizard.

Settings: Show Zero Frame Stock: (when ticked) Include Frames which are out of Stock in the Frame List in Dispense.

Settings: Default Height Direction: For Bifocal and Progressive Dispenses, the default height direction can be chosen here.

Settings: Default Extras Filter: For adding extra fees (e.g. rimless / reglaze), the default Sales Group is shown here.

Settings: Default Supplier: Choose which lens book automatically opens when opening the Lens Wizard. Press the red X to remove your selection. 

Settings: Default Order Type: (when selected) Choose if orders by default are set to be Uncut, Glazed, Remote Edged