To view / update a Lens, double click on it from the left-hand pane of the "My Lens Catalogue" screen in menu - Setup - Orders. The window shown below will appear:

Ranges c
an be entered in the bottom pane. Double-click into a new row to enter values.

Treatments also appear in this window. To see a list of all available coatings (from this manufacturer) and the selected coatings on the lens, press the "Kaleidoscope" button

The window below is shown:

Current Treatments on the lens are shown in the left-hand pane, Available Treatments (all from that manufacturer) are shown in the right-hand pane.

Drag and drop a treatment from right to left to add it to that lens. To add a new treatment, press the button to bring up the following window:

Code, Description, and Prices can be entered, along with the Type - the different letter explanations are shown to the right of the drop-down menu.

When you are happy with all your work, press Save.