The options discussed on this page are found by selecting Menu --> Setup --> Orders --> Hawkstone Lens Catalogues 

Hawkstone Lens Catalogues

FLEX (and other PMS providers) use Hawkstone Lens Catalogues to provide spectacle lens data. Hawkstone is the intermediary between the lens manufacturers and PMS providers like Optinet / FLEX. You can find out more about Hawkstone here. This information is found under Menu - Setup - Orders - Hawkstone Lens Catalogues. This is shown below:

To add a Spectacle Lens Catalogue, follow the steps below. You will need Internet access to do this. 

  • Click on the Supplier for the Lens Catalogue(s) that you wish to use. Hold down the Ctrl key and single left-click to select multiple suppliers. 
  • Click Download Updates to download the catalogue(s). You can choose ALL, Highlighted Only or In-Use Only
  • There is also an option to Create a Custom Catalogue, where you enter lens details yourself - see How Do I Create a Lens Catalogue?

How to delete an already downloaded spectacle lens catalogue?

You can also Reset Catalogues. This gives you the option of which Catalogue(s) to reset (this will not affect your current lens book). The box below appears, where you can choose an option.

These catalogues are now downloaded but are not yet in your lens book - please see How Do I Create My Lens Book? for more information.