Using the Setup menu > Orders > General > Hawkstone Lens Catalogue

To create your own Custom Lens Catalogue, click into Menu - Setup >Orders > Hawkstone Lens Catalogues and choose + Create Custom Catalogue.

 (At the top of the screen on the blue bar)

  • Type the name of the  catalogue you want to create.
  • Confirm.

The catalogue will then appear in your list, with the tick-box "Custom" at the end of the table ticked. You can now click to the My Lens Catalogue window.

Two options here:  Firstly, Add specific lenses individually by clicking on Add Custom Lens

                              Secondly, Add all or part of exisiting catalogues to your custom one in one go.

First Option

  • Choose your catalogue from the drop-down and the button
  • Add custom lens
  • The box which appears will be the same as the one used for updating manufacturer lenses, but will obviously be blank. (This is shown under How Do I Update Lens Data?)

  • All Tint and Cost information will also be empty, so you will have to create your own treatments. Again, the box which appears will be the same as the one used for updating manufacturer treatments, but will obviously be blank.

    There is also a quick Add Lens option when creating a Dispense, but the details entered here are less exhaustive.

Second Option


  • Select the already downloaded hawkstone catalogue on the right of the screen
  • On the left of the screen select your custom catalogue (As below)
  • Select the lens or lenses you want to add to your custom catalogue by holding the CTRL key down and clicking on the required lenses.
  • Then Right Click one of the lenses and select Copy to Custom Catalogue
  • Select the custom catalogue name
  • Yes Yes to Copy when asked...

  • All selected lenses will now appear in the custom catalogue on the left of the screen.

  • These lenses will now be available when the custom catalogue is used during dispense. (as example below)