The options discussed on this page are found by selecting Menu --> Setup --> Communication --> Letter Paragraphs

There are two types of Paragraphs: Standard Letter Paragraphs and Conditional Paragraphs.

Letter Paragraphs

In a lot of text entry boxes in FLEX (especially around Sight Tests and Contact Lens Exams), when you hover in the box, the "right-click to Insert Paragraphs" option is available. This is a quick, useful option to insert pre-prepared text, for example information for the patient or DO. This is the setup section where these are created.

Conditional Paragraphs

Conditional Paragraphs can be added to Letter Templates and Forms. A section of text can be inserted into a letter based on certain criteria relating to the Patient, e.g. Age, NHS Entitlement or Gender.

Under Menu - Setup - Communication choose Letter Paragraphs and the screen below is shown. Please click on one of the blue links above to continue.