Log into the app with the credentials created with the assistance of Optinet. The page below will appear.

New & My Stock Takes are discussed on this page. 

Change Input Method lets you toggle between the device Camera (default) and manual text entry.

Log Out takes you back to the login screen. Your credentials will be remembered.

New: You will have to enter a Name for the Stock take.



If Continuous Scan is ON, you won’t need to click ‘Scan New Item’ button every time. (Continuous Scan is not available on Android)


If you scan an item and the Qty field has been increased, the item’s quantity will be the entered quantity.

Quantities can also be modified manually by using and – buttons.

You can remove an item by pressing the 'Bin' button.

See more information by pressing the 'i' button. If a stock take has been started in FLEX and sent to the app to be continued, frame information will appear.

However, because the app does not link to the FLEX stock until you actually send the information, there is no 'communication' at that point so information isn't shared until submission. Checking the barcode in FLEX would be the best way to confirm what an item is.


Several Staff members can work simultaneously on the same Stock Take.

Every time a change is done, the Stock Take record will be saved online and refreshed. This way, the records will always be synchronised on every device.











My Stock Takes: A list with Stock Takes will be shown.


Yellow: Stock Take Finished. This means it is available for download into Flex.

Can be viewed in Read Only mode or can be edited (will be unfinished).


White: Stock Take in progress.


Green: Stock Take downloaded in Flex.

Can be viewed in Read Only mode.

(Once completed in Flex, it will be deleted from the App.)










 Some useful information and tips...


Creating a Stock Take in FLEX and sending it to the App means you won’t have to scan anything in the App if you don’t want to. You will only have to go to the shelf, count items and change the quantities in the app.


A Stock Take record cannot be accessed in FLEX once it’s been sent to the App


Finishing the Stock Take

Once the Stock Take record is ready to be sent to Flex, you will need to use the ‘Finish’ button. The popup window below will list all finished Stock Takes.