The options discussed on this page are found by selecting Menu --> Setup --> Orders

The Orders module of FLEX allows users to manage all Orders the practice is processing and to automatically interact with patients, to keep them informed about their order status and see how they are getting on up to a month after they have collected their purchase(s). To customise how this page works, click to Menu - Setup - Orders. This page is shown below:


Within the first tab of this screen, the order statuses can be customised. These are shown in the Order Progress (WIP) of the Orders screen, and can be updated by the staff as the order progresses through the practice. You can set these by Order Type - Spectacle, Contact Lens or Custom (i.e. Repair).

Choose your Description and Order, and tick to say if the status is Active. Choose a tick-box to link to your description to help manage the journey of the order through the practice.

An SMS or Email Template can be linked to the order status, for example so the patient can be automatically informed when their order is ready to collect. Delay Days also allow the message to be sent up to 30 days later, for example to send a "Glasses MOT" message to see how a patient is getting on.  

Using the Order Status Colours, staff can quickly see which jobs are within their due date, overdue, etc. Set the colours as you wish and the lead times for when each colour is used.

You can set Auto Tray Numbers so that when creating new orders, a tray number will automatically be assigned within the defined numbers. The number used will increase by 1 each time until the limit is reached, at which point it will begin at the start once more. So, if you used the prefix of 'TR-' and used a range of 1-10 and the current number is 10, the next auto tray number would appear as 'TR-01'.

An Order Location can also be entered to help you track jobs within the practice.

The rest of these tabs generally involve the setup of the Dispense module