The start of the Examination is the Medical Assessment tab. An overview of the record and of the Previous Examination Result (if applicable) are shown towards the top of the screen. Press View Previous to open these up in a new window. 

In the General Assessment section, drop down boxes are available for answers to basic questions such as whether the patient is a Driver, DSE (Display Screen Equipment - Computer) User and what their Occupation is. If their Occupation is not listed, the green + symbol can be used to add it. Occ. Notes (notes about their job) can also be added at this stage.

To the bottom-right of the screen, Medication can be added. Medication can be "Dragged and Dropped" across from the Available Medication window, or a new Medicine can added at the bottom of the screen. When this is added, it asks you if you would like to add it to the Dictionary. Press Library just under Available Medication to alphabetise the list if it is not already.

Right-click on a medication to Remove it. It will strike a line through it and how the date it was removed. Right-click again and choose Purge Old Medication to remove all previous medications which the patient is no longer on. The screen is shown below.

If you are a Clinical user, you now move onto the Clinical Assessment
If you are a non-Cl user, you now move onto the Prescription