To set up a Scheme, click to Contact Lens - Schemes on the Patient Record homepage (shown below).

This window will then show current schemes, collection records, items on schemes and a payment schedule. Right-click in Patient Scheme Records to mark an item as collected.

Click onto New (or Update) and a Scheme Record will pop out. This is shown below and every box is explained below the image.

Scheme Details:
The Type of Scheme can be entered whilst the Prac. Bank Account can also be chosen. Notes can also be added here, whilst the checkbox also allows the scheme to be marked or un-marked Active.

Payment Details:

The Patients Bank can be chosen from the drop-down, and their Sort Code and Account Number entered, along with the Statement Name. The 1st Payment Date can be entered freehand or by using the "date picker".
This will auto-populate the Due Day with the same day, but it can be changed.

Right-click over Payments Expected to choose a Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly payment schedule.

A Fixed Pricing Method will keep the original prices of the scheme charged if you put your prices up, choose a Variable Pricing Method if you wish for the prices to be updated as time progresses.

Package Details:

You can select one of your default Packages, OR most commonly create a custom scheme which is exclusive to that patient. You can also select a default package, then add or remove items from it, to create a custom package as well. 
  • Package - choose a default package
  • Contact Lenses - opens up the Lens Wizard
  • Stock Item - add a stock item to the scheme.
  • Discount - apply a discount to one or more items on a scheme - works in the same way as the Till - see How Do I Apply A Discount?
  • Previous Exam – Lenses and solutions can be pulled through from the patients last contact lens examination to create a custom scheme package.
Press Save when complete and the original window will populate with all the details filled out.