Stock levels in FLEX are automatically updated when an item is Dispensed and Ordered and sent to the Till. In this module, we can manually update stock levels, as well as adding and updating frames, solutions and sundries. The screenshot below shows the overview of this window.

We can add a New stock item (Frame, Solution, Sundry), Reorder items and also Print Dymo & Zebra labels for selected items.

With a stock item selected from the list, click Archive to archive the Selected Items or All Items with zero quantity.The subsequent pages will show you how to 

  • Create a brand new Stock Item
  • View and Update Stock Items
  • Create a Similar Stock Item based on an existing item (for example a new Frame Colour).
  • Update a Stock Quantity and perform Other Stock Functions
The more details you enter for each stock item, the more powerful your searching ability is. To clear all the filters, press the on the far-right of the window. Use the large magnifying glass on the far-right side to run your search.

Stock items can also be archived. If an item has been archived accidentally or you wish to see all inactive items, check the Show Archived box.

Note: Your stock screen will be empty when you first go onto the module. This is to stop all of your stock items loading straight away and slowing the system down. As soon as you select a value, be it from a drop-down or by typing in letters, items will appear.