View by Order (the default screen shown when you press Orders) is a list of Orders going through the practice. These are shown in the Orders table, with the Work in Progress of each respective order shown.

To Update Work in Progress (WIP)

Press Update WIP to update the status of an order. The latest status, including who entered the status and when, is shown on the top-right of the screen. By default, the next status in the Order "Journey" is bought up, and details can be entered in the box shown below. These statuses can be customised under How Do I Modify my Orders Screen? in Menu - Setup - Orders.

Press Save when complete and this will update on the main screen. Any notes added are available by hovering over the status.

This page can be toggled between View by Order and View by WIP (default view). The View by Order screen is shown below.

Work can be Filtered By Status to show work going through the practice(s), and colour coding can be set up to show work at different stages of being due. These can be customised under How Do I Modify my Orders Screen? You can also Filter by Supplier.

Note: Orders that are Cancelled or Completed class as being Inactive. To display these, check the tick-box "Show Inactive Orders" by the date picker.