When booking an appointment, you can find a free slot in the diary by clicking 'Find Free Slot'. The screen below is shown.

The window above will allow you to search for any free slots that are available. Use the tables to select the Branch, Day(s) and Staff. Due to how most appointment types are set up, we suggest leaving ALL App. Type selected.

Then, select the appropriate time ranges in the boxes to the right.

For example, if the patient would like to be seen any time after midday, select 12.00 in the left hand box and the final slot time in the right hand box (see below).

Then, click the magnifying glass icon at the far right of this window to search for free slots. You can choose how many calendar day(s) ahead you wish you search, or press the X to clear your selection.


If there are free slots available for the criteria you have chosen, the results will show up in the box at the bottom left. Click the day the patient would like and then, the next window will be populated with the time slots available.

If one of the time slots is suitable, highlight it by left clicking and then click 'Select' in the top left corner to book the slot. You will then be presented with the appointment booking window.