There are various ways the till can be used:- 

1.   If your practice is using the Dispense module, all Frame / Lens information can automatically be          carried through to a till receipt. 

2.   If your practice is using Clinical Billing, professional fees can also appear here as the Optom can        start the receipt in the test room.

OR if using just the till buttons/barcodes

a) Using a Till Button

When a button is pressed, one of three things will happen depending on your setup:

a) It will ask for a price to be entered for the item (e.g. for a Repair)
b) It will charge the item to the receipt with a set price (e.g. for a Sight Test)
c) It will ask you to pick from a list of stock (e.g. for a Solution / Sundry) which is shown below.

                                          Use the CTRL key and click to multi-select items.

b) Using a Barcode

Barcodes are entered into the box shown below on the Till page. By default, the cursor will be flashing in this box ready for data entry. A barcode reader can be used, or a code can be entered manually. Depending on how the item is configured in the Stock screen, it will then either:

    i) Ask for a price to be entered for the item.
    ii) Charge the item to the receipt with a set price.

You can use the "Qty" button to sell multiple items - see How Do I Sell Multiple Items? for more