Emails are free to send, as they use your own email account details. These can be entered under Setup > Branch > Communication. Note that some email providers will have limits on how many emails you can send in a set period - we advise speaking to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) about this. Details you will need: 

SMTP Address - the address of your outgoing mail server. 

SMTP Port - the port number this address uses to send mail.

Username and Password - generally your email address and the password used to login to check your email.

From Address and Name - who you want your emails to appear from

Use TLS - Stands for Transport Layer Security. TLS and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), are protocols designed to provide communications securely over a computer network. Your ISP will tell you whether or not you need this.

If you can't get your account to link, we recommend using SMTP2GO - a third party who provide email sending services, where emails appear from being from your original email address.