On the Patient Record, press ‘eGos’ at the top-right, eGos England, then choose GOS1. There are options for “Create new Claim” or “Continue Claim”.

  • Choose Create New Claim
  • All the information from the Patient and/or Sight Exam is filled out. FLEX will detail any errors which need resolving. You have options to Select Test… and also to Override Signature Method if you wish to change the input (e.g. for an infirm patient who can’t stand at the desk).
  • Before the patient signs the declaration, they should check the information is correct on the pad / tablet. If not, you should cancel, update their record and try again.


Three signatures are required

  1. Patient – press the signature button to trigger the eSignature method.
  2. Optometrist – see ‘Signing for the day’ above
  3. Contractor – see ‘Branch Configuration’ here.

Press   to trigger the relevant method. If using the on-screen method, you will see this:

Sign and press the Green Tick. You can then Save or Submit the form.

Continuing a Claim

The functionality for continuing a claim shows the same screen and will also prompt for errors to be resolved. Firstly however, it will ask which claim to continue: