Whilst generally carried out by Optinet as part of your EGOS go-live, you can find details of the setup for reference on this page.

System Configuration

In FLEX, click to Menu – Setup – System and choose ‘PC Settings’. Once there, choose ‘eSignature Pad Configuration’.

Press Get devices. Your device should appear in the list as ‘Device 1’. Press Use Selected.

The Device Information should auto-populate. Press Open Connection.

Once the connection has been opened you then need to restart Flex.

Branch Configuration

In FLEX, click to Menu – Setup – Branch. Press update and go to tab ‘Integration’. 

Enter the Org. Code, Username, Password and PSK (Pre-Shared Key)

Auto-Populate Voucher Value - FLEX will automatically populate the NHS voucher values for you.

Create GOS1 Claims Automatically - choose an option which the practice prefers.

eSignature Method - choose using the radio buttons. You can change this on a claim by claim basis in FLEX if required, in the top right-hand corner of the claim. 

Default Suppliers Declaration Signature choose an option which the practice prefers.

In the “Data” tab, check the Contractor Name. The Contractor can now sign digitally – this signature will not have to be re-entered. This is shown below. Click on to add this. Tick 'Active' back in the Integration tab when complete.

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