This page is Brief Help for any claim (GOS 1, 3, 4, 5) - although GOS1 is shown in the example below.
There are other Help pages that go into more details on these options, or call our Helpline on - 0800 310 2400 

Note - There is a video that goes through eGOS on another page here - Helpdesk : Optinet (

On the Patient Record,
press ‘eGOS’ at the top-right to open the eGOS Management Screen :-

Help on this screen is here - Helpdesk : Optinet ( 

Click on the GOS form picture to create the Claim you are after 1gos,2gos etc.
Previous/ Incomplete forms are shown in bottom half of this screen. You can open or right-click to Submit or Delete from there

When you create a claim, FLEX will warn if there is claim in progress, and will ask if you wish to select an Examination.

  • All the information from the Patient and/or Sight Exam is filled out.
  • FLEX will detail any errors which need resolving. 
  • You have options to Select Test… and also to Override Signature Method if you wish to change the input (e.g. for an infirm patient who can’t stand at the desk).
  • Before the patient signs the declaration, they should check the information is correct on the pad / tablet. If not, you should cancel, update their record and try again.


Three signatures are required

  1. Patient – press the signature button to trigger the eSignature method.
  2. Optometrist – see ‘Signing for the day’ above
  3. Contractor – see ‘Branch Configuration’ here.

Press   to trigger the relevant method. If using the on-screen method, you will see this:

Sign and press the Green Tick. You can then Save or Submit the form.

Continuing a Claim.

All Exisiting claims are shown in the eGOS Management screen. Right-click on a claim to Submit or Delete it.