Xero is an online accountancy package that allows users to submit their VAT returns digitally online. 

From the 1st of April 2019, any business with a taxable turnover of £85,000 per year (or more) will be required to do this via a HMRC authorised piece of software such as Xero. This change is known as “Making Tax Digital” and is designed to “make the tax system is more efficient, more accurate, and easier for taxpayers to get their tax right.”

To enquire about integrating Flex with Xero, please ring our support line on 0800 310 2400

The following changes will be live from January 2020:

·         It is now possible to manually upload any branches data regardless of the branch you are logged into (you must have been granted branch access).

·         When choosing to upload cash-up data, the date of past uploads is now displayed. Multiple cashups can now be re-uploaded.

·         The VAT % of the Xero accounts is now shown in the chart of accounts tab in Flex. This makes it easier to see which accounts should be assigned to each sales group. (re-download the account details to refresh the info.).

·         As part of the pre-upload checks to Xero, a new process updates the Xero Setup tables with additional Sales Groups, Payment Methods or Petty Cash Groups that have been added into Flex. Xero accounts will still need to be manually assigned to these new entries if they have been added, a warning is given if you attempt to upload.

·         Any errors when uploading are now stored in the audit trail as well as being shown on screen.

·         The ‘Copy to new receipt’ option has been removed. You can now perform credits and refunds on receipts which have already been uploaded to xero.

·         The CSV Export has been renamed "VAT Lock". You can also lock the VAT period without exporting if you wish. Receipts which have been VAT locked now display an icon on the receipt. Locking the VAT on a receipt means that the sales groups, VAT and fees on items will not change even if you recalculate VAT or change the VAT% of a sales group. Receipts are locked when they are uploaded to Xero to maintain integrity between Flex and Xero.

·         The recalculate VAT routine now assigns refunds to the sales groups of the credited / discounted items. This is to prevent refunds on fully credited receipts showing as over payments. (Patch 037 In 1.5.2.X)

·         Click the question mark icon next to the Xero upload type to read a description of what each one does.