Popular Requests & New Features

Freshdesk #CategorySummary
130TillA receipt editor has been added that allows new receipt layouts to be created.

Fields can be added & removed, positions can be changed, page alignment can be modified and more...
3207IntegrationsIntegration with Rodenstock CNXT® is now available. Transfer images & data between your Rodenstock equipment and FLEX.

3150TillThe ability to pay off multiple receipts at the same time has been added.

'Patient Account Family Spend' relies on patients being linked together in families (don't worry if they aren't, you can manage families from within the till).


All outstanding receipts are listed allowing the user to quickly select those that are to be paid off - the total is displayed on screen. Payment is made via a top-up to the patient account and then allocated to each selected receipt.

2852AppointmentTwo new columns have been added to the branch opening hours, 'Reminder Start' and 'Reminder End'. The times entered, specify the hours between which appointment reminders can be sent.

When an appointment reminder is scheduled, the scheduled time is checked to ensure it falls within the range specified. Where a scheduled reminder falls outside the range, FLEX will subtract 24 hours and check again - the process is repeated until the message can be scheduled.

This change means that reminders for appointments on the day after a closed day, can be scheduled for 2 (or more) days prior e.g Monday reminders can be scheduled to be sent on Saturday.
3018EeRSThe 'Electronic Eyecare Referral Service' has been integrated into FLEX.

Patient referrals can be raised within FLEX and sent to one of the contracted EeRS suppliers (Opera, Evolutio etc.).

3146System / SetupThe branch settings in setup have been re-organised with a handy search function to help you find what you are looking for quickly - simply enter a search string such as 'Till' and the relevant settings are displayed.

395PatientA new audit report has been added that produces a complete clinical history printout, including:
  1. Patient information
  2. Medication
  3. Clinical assessment
  4. Refractions
  5. IOPS's
  6. Clinical sketches
  7. Recommendations
  8. Px advice / dispense advice / referral advice

Multiple examination records can be included in the printout.

3079Patient Record
(Popular User Request)
Recall dates on the patient record are now highlighted yellow if they fall within the next 30 days (highlighted red if a px is overdue is not affected).

3143Homescreen / eGOS
(Popular User Request)
The following improvements have been made to the eGOS widget on the homescreen:

  • Optometrists initials have been added
  • Right-click menu option added to go directly to the highlighted eGos claim in the 'eOphthalmic Claims' section of business intelligence.

3149Patient ExportA full patient data export option has been added to allow businesses to comply with Subject Access Requests from patients.

The resulting patient export file is zipped & password protected, the patient has the option to receive their password by either email or SMS.

The files exported are in CSV format and can be opened in Microsoft Excel.
3197AppointmentsAppointment slots can now be displayed with variable height, based on the appointment duration. The minimum slot height equals 20 minutes, anything less that 20 minutes will use the minimum - slots longer than 20 minutes will expand proportionally.

A branch setting needs to be enabled to use this new feature, in setup search for 'Diary'.

3185StockImprovements to the layout of the stock screen results table,  making it it easier to read.

(Popular User Request)
An 'Ignore' option has been added to the 'Find Free Slot' tool that, when ticked, ignores the appointment types and returns results for any appointment type.

3254Sight Exam RecordAdjusted IOP's are now calculated and displayed to the right of the entered IOP measurements, based on the corneal thickness (using the adjustment table displayed below).


Freshdesk #CategorySummary
2917PDF ViewerThe ability to rotate a PDF file has been added to the in-built PDF viewer.

2940eGOSA new filter option has been added to the eGOS reporting screen to allow claims to be filtered by status ('Finished' / 'Unfinished').

Released as a patch to - #033
3028EmailA 'Group' filter has been added to the select email template window.

3057Patient RecordA new field, 'Pronoun', has been added to the patient record - there is a default list to choose from and new ones can be added if needed (via Setup). The field can be displayed / hidden using the switch in the branch settings.

3081DashboardsThe 'AER%' has been added to the 'Business Performance' dashboard.

The Actual Examination Rate metric shows the percentage of patients that were dispensed within 30 days of having an examination.

Additional figures can be found in the dispense dashboard.
3082eGOS / PVNThe ability to quickly add the patient address as the venue for a home visit on a pre-visit notification submission has been added.

3096eGOSAn alert now appears when a GOS3 / GOS4 claim is marked as 'Exception Processing' - claims marked this way are handled differently by PCSE and may require a paper claim to be submitted.

3109ReportingCustom stock movement reasons are now available in the reporting filters.

3114System Audit TrailSearching the system audit trail is now only triggered by the go button, previously changing the dates would trigger a search and resulted in unnecessary searches and time delays.
3117Sight ExamVertical prism has been added to the 'Previous Rx' section of the sight exam window.
3121PVN VenuesAdditional checks have been added to stop duplicate addresses being added as venues.
3122HomescreenThe column search functions have been removed from the 'Patient Search' widget as it was confusing users, the search box , above the results table, should be used instead.

3134eGOSA change has been made so that printed GOS forms do not show '0' where no value has been entered, instead the box is left empty.
3137System Audit FileAn option has been added to export the audit file entries to a CSV file, over long periods of time the database can get quite large and impact performance when searching. After the export is complete, the records are deleted from the database.

3141SchemesThe following changes have been made to scheme records:

  • When editing an existing scheme record, the first payment date and payment month selection are now read only
  • Setting a scheme end date is now via a drop-down list of upcoming payment dates
  • Updating the payment due day now updates the future payments on screen
3143eGOSChanges to the eGOS widget on the homescreen

  • Performers initials have been added
  • Claim inserted date has been added
  • Right-click option to 'Go to eGOS screen'

3151AppointmentsThe staff members ID is now recorded when they add an online appointment to the diary.
3152AppointmentsRecall preferences are updated, based on the mobile number & email address entered via an online booking, for patients new & existing) that have booked online.
3170System / EmailSupport for sending emails via SMTP using TLS 1.2 has been added
3176eGOSAdditional checks / warnings have been added to let the user know if they have picked a voucher that doesn't match with the prescribed type.

3201Practice PulsePractice Pulse is a premium service offered by Myers La Roche to Optinet FLEX users.

For more information about Practice Pulse, contact the helpdesk.
3212AppointmentsA warning has been added to let the user know if the chosen appointment slot has already been booked online but yet to be processed.
3232Address BookThe length of the suppliers account number has been increased to 30 characters
3242System / Patient MergeRestrictions added to ensure patients are only selected for the branch that the logged in user is accessing.
3257SystemThe internal browser control has been updated from Internet Explorer to Chromium.
3260SystemChanges to how larger files are handled with data being exported and read back on the fly when accessed by FLEX.
3274Dispense / OrdersThe ability to select a 'Virtual' lens has been added for Zeiss orders.
3277DispenseThe Mayfair lens catalogue has been added and is available for download.
3288DispenseThe Tokai lens catalogue has been added and is available for download.
3300eGOS ScotlandA new option has been added to GOS1 & 2 to allow the voucher value to be changed - the intention is that some values may need to be changed during the transition period of voucher values changing.
3312Online Forms
Results of online forms can now be imported into pre-exam , sight exam & contact lens records.
3327eGOSA warning is generated if the supplements selected in 'Part 2' do not match with those selected on 'Part 3' (GOS3 claims)
3339Address FinderThe Loqate API integration has been updated to use the latest version
3366System / eGOSA system routine has been added to automatically download and install the latest PCSE security certificate.
3246eGOSAdditional validation has been added to the GOS3 claim, in relation to near / distance voucher selection boxes.

3352Online BookingAdditional validation has been added to the mobile phone field, spaces are no longer allowed.
3364Patient Removal ToolUpdated to remove additional data from: CLNotableData, TestNotableData, Clog ContentCache and Patient Account.


Freshdesk #CategorySummary
2480AppointmentsAddresses an issue where the selected rooms would be forgotten (in multi-chair view) after opening & closing setup.
2494Till SetupAddresses an issue where the 'Allow Voucher' tick box in sales group setup was not always committed to the database when saved.
2838HomescreenAddresses an issue where the 'Appointment' & 'Timeline' widget were not refreshing after switching branches.
3004 / 3100eGOSAddresses an issue where tint / prism charges were not calculating correctly on eGOS claims. Released as a patch for (#033)
3075SetupAddresses an issue where the default patient image group could not be reset to 'All' once it had been set.
3084Sight ExamAddresses an issue where the prescription fields were not being set as read-only when viewing the non-clinical sight exam record.
3097eGOSAddresses an issue where GOS3 claim was linking back to the wrong GOS1 claim.
3101eGOSAddresses an issue where GOS4 claim was calculating patients age at the day of the test not at the day of signing, which could be an issue if the patient is no longer under 16.
3102AppointmentsAddresses an issue where a patient receiving two reminder messages for two different times on the same day, would receive messages with the same appointment time in them.
3107eGOSAddresses an issue where 'Small Glasses' & 'Special Facial Characteristics'  charges were not calculating correctly on eGOS claims. Released as a patch for (#033)
3120PatientsAddresses an issue where the patient title / gender displayed incorrectly.
3135Sight Exam RecordAddresses an issue where the occupation could sometimes display incorrectly.
3158AppointmentsAddresses an issue where the title list is incorrectly filtered, when adding a new patient, after selecting a gender and then cancelling the add new patient window.
3169SetupAddresses an issue where the 'Global Setting' indicator is being displayed on clinical tabs that are branch specific.
3171AppointmentsAddresses an issue where SMS reminders were not always unscheduled after an appointment had been cancelled.
3174Email ReportsAddresses an issue where a staff member could receive a report with data for a branch they do not have access to
3194eGOSAddresses an issue where 2nd pair supplements can be added on GOS3, without 1st pair being completed
3235eGOSAddresses an issue where the early retest validation was not working as intended
3240DispenseAddresses an issue where the pantascopic angle field would not accept negative values.
3248DispenseAddresses an issue where the Waterside lens catalogue was not downloading
3256eGOSAddresses an issue where the time of signing was not being stored along with the patients signature, causing issues when claims are received by PCSE
3269AppointmentsAddresses an issue where an appointment could be lost if a slot is opened on one computer and then an appointment is cut/pasted into the same slot that is being booked into. The appointment being booked would overwrite the one being copied - this can no longer happen
3275eGOSAddresses an issue with using the older style eGOS3 takeaway voucher report, PCSE have confirmed that it is ok to use this version as there is not a PDF copy of the new form (with fillable fields) available. 
3294Frame StockAddresses an issue where the next available barcode does not update correctly
3305Frame Stock TakeAddresses an issue where the filtering the stock take table so that no records are visible and then closing it results in the stock take being deleted.
3326eGOSAddresses an issue where '2nd Pair Tint' was not defaulting to zero and allowed a blank selected.
3329eGOSAddresses an issue where a claim can be resubmitted even though it has been accepted by PCSE but they have not returned a unique ID for the claim.
3332EeRSAddresses an issue where the 'Reason for Referral' and 'Additional Information' boxes were truncating text - field type has been changed to allow unlimited characters.
3343ReportsAddresses an issue where the 'Items sold recently' table in 'Stock Order List' included items sold at other branches.