It is possible to print documents / reports from FLEX when connected using the 'Remote Desktop Client Application', however the steps are slightly different and requires printing to a PDF first.

Step 1: Setup FLEX to export to PDF

Firstly you will need to make sure each section of FLEX is set to print to PDF:

  1. Navigate to 'Setup > System > PC > Printer Configuration'
  2. Double-click in the 'Section of Application' column of the top (or next available) empty row in the table to display the section list.
  3. Click on the section you are setting the printer for (in our example 'Dispense')
  4. Press 'TAB' to move into the 'Printer Name' column and click the down arrow (right side of the column) to display the printer list.
  5. Click on the '**Export**' option.

You have successfully setup FLEX to export to a PDF file for each section that you have specified.

Step 2: Setting the EXPORT path

Now you can set the default path where the PDF will be exported to.

  1. Navigate to 'Setup > System > PC > PC Settings'
  2. In the 'Timeline Export' section Click the 3 dots (see below) to open a file explorer window 
  3. Navigate to the folder 'Network\tsclient\Documents' and click 'Select Folder'
  4. Your export path should look like the image below, if it does you are all set to begin exporting.

Step 3: Printing in FLEX

When you print from each section in FLEX, the report will be exported as a PDF file to the export path you chose in 'Step 2' - if you did not set an export path then you will need to choose a path every time (follow the steps below or go back to step 2 and set an export path).

It is important the file is saved to your local device (tablet), referred to as 'tsclient' (terminal services client).

  1. The image below shows the 'Save Print Output As...' dialog box that will appear when you print in FLEX.
  2. It is important that you select the location as 'Network', 'tsclient', '\\tsclient\Documents' (this location is on your local device / tablet). 
  3. Give your file a name that you will remember and click 'Save'

Step 4: Printing your exported PDF

  1. On your local device, navigate to your documents folder - in this example we are using an Apple device.
    1. Tap the icon for 'Files' (it's worth adding this to the quick access bar to save time)
    2. Tap the option for 'On My iPad / iPhone'
    3. Locate the folder labelled 'RD Client'
    4. Locate the PDF you created earlier, in our example 'Receipt' - tap the icon to open the file.
    5. To print the file. tap the 'Send To' icon
    6. Choose the 'Print' option