'AutoLock' is a handy FLEX feature that will lock the device screen after a period of inactivity, the timeout period can be set for each device independently.

To change the AutoLock timeout you will need to have access to the system setup
The AutoLock duration is set per device

Setting the 'AutoLock' Timeout

  • Navigate to 'Menu', 'Setup', 'System', 'PC', 'PC Settings', 'FLEX Settings'
  • Locate the 'AutoLock' section and set the timeout to the desired duration
    • Minutes: 1, 3, 5, 10
    • Seconds: 15, 30
  • The screen will confirm the change has been made by displaying the following message

The AutoLock timeout has been changed, the screen will now lock after your chosen timeout - use your staff pin to unlock the screen.