Popular Requests & New Features

Freshdesk #CategorySummary
1650Clinical RecordsTo make identifying which refraction tab is currently being edited / viewed, different colours can be assigned in setup. A strip of the assigned colour is displayed to the right of the tab descriptions running the height of the tab.
2095Stock TakeThe following changes have been made:
  • The ability for multiple people to collaborate on the same stock-take
    • To enable stock take synchronisation the 'Keep in sync' tick box must be ticked on all computers
  • Changed the colour of error lines to dark red (from light red)
  • Added buttons to increase / decrease qty within the table

2495OrdersA  branch option has been added, 'Hide Px details on one side', which when activated will remove identifiable patient data from the right hand copy of the order on the 'Dual A5 Order Report'
2636Equipment LinkA data link has been added for the Topcon CV-5000 phoropter. A new button has been added to the existing Topcon clinical remote control that trigger the import of the prescription into the active refraction tab. Contact support for more details.
2781ReportingAll reports previewed from 'Business Intelligence' are now displayed using the internal PDF viewer, for a printed copy click the 'Print' button in the preview window.
2820eGOS EnglandThe ability to save the signature method per pc has been added, there is now a 'Set as default' option that saves the method for the current pc.

2840eGOS EnglandeGOS6 & Pre Visit Notifications (PVN)

PVN's and GOS6 claims can now be raised and submitted through the eGOS management window.
2931Contact Lens RecordsThe 'Notable Data' feature has been added to contact lens records, the functionality is the same as in the sight exam record.
2945Business IntelligenceA new stock analysis screen has been added to business intelligence, allowing an overview of stock sell-through and profitability for the business. The information can be used to better manage inventory and stock purchases.

Read more about stock turn & stock sell-through in this Vison Now article from February 2017 : 'Smart Stock Sell-Through' (Vision Now Feb 2017)
2974TillCard payment processing, via a new partner 'Windcave', has been integrated into the FLEX till. Payment / refund transactions can be initiated from the till screen, prompts are mirrored in FLEX so that the user sees what the patient sees.

For information about rates and how to sign up email chris.smith@optinetuk.com
2975eGOS EnglandIt is possible to re-select the test linked to an eGOS claim after one was initially chosen, this is to allow mistakes to be rectified.

2982eGOS EnglandThe prescription linked to a GOS claim can be viewed by clicking the new button 'View Presc.'

2986Appointment DiaryReturn reasons can now be made inactive, this allows old return reasons or reasons that are only used at certain times to be de-activated / paused.

All return reasons are are included in the dashboards in Business Intelligence.
3006Contact Lens RecordA notes box has been added to the 'Refraction' tab
3009eGOS EnglandA new button has been added that displays the latest claim status detail
3061Corporate EyecareMultiple changes to corporate:
  • A purchase order number can now be entered when selling an item in the till.
  • PO number is shown in the sales item tooltip in till
  • Invoices can now be printed for companies
  • Entitlements can now be deleted in setup
  • Entitlement percentages cannot exceed 100%


Freshdesk #CategorySummary
1432System Audit TrailA 'Go' button has been added to trigger the search
1434Sight Exam RecordVisual acuities have been added to the summary list of previous prescriptions, displayed when adding / editing an examination record.
1584Popular SearchesNew search added 'Patients contact for recall by contact method, branch & date range'.
Word processorNew merge fields added, populated from the latest examination record:
  • 'TesDrops1' & 'TesDrops2'
  • 'TesTonometer1' & 'TesTonometer2'
2040SpeedwritingEnhancements to the 'Continue Recent' option:
  • List is now ordered with most recent at the top
  • The staff member who created the document has been added
  • The date / time the document was created has e
2474DispenseA 'Transpose' button has been added to the 'View Full Rx' window within the dispense screen.
2487Appointment DiarySlots that are available online can no longer be split
2710OPS SchemesThe field length for 'Payment Day' has been increased to allow all days from 1 to 31 to be made available within FLEX.
2749EmailsEmails sent from FLEX will now use the 'From Name' set in the branch file rather than the from email address.
2785Online BookingThe maximum character limit for 'Online Alias' has been increased to 50
The maximum character limit for 'Online Notes'' has been set to 200
2788eGOS EnglandA new report has been added 'eGOS Claims Report' listing all claims within a date range, showing claim reference, claim type, px #, px name, claim status, claim date, practitioner and value.

2794Lock Screen (F6)Contact information for Optinet support has been added to the lock screen. The website addresses are links for quick access.
2819Speed WritingA new option has been added, to the menubar, that allows a document to be saved directly to the correspondence log without having to print it first.
2834Stock TakeClosing a 'New' stock take when no stock records have been added will now delete the stock take record
2854VAT / Dispense FeesAdditional checks have been added when using a dispense fee matrix to ensure that negative VAT amounts cannot be calculated.
2858DispensingThe dispense confirmation reports now shows the dispense value after any discounts have been applied - this ensures the practice is being fully transparent.
2862Patient RecordThe document preview window, available from the correspondence log can now be moved to allow the window behind to be viewed,
2863OPSIt is now possible to create multiple OPS collection records for the same patient.
2866Patient ImagesPatient images and PDF's from the 'Patient Files' window are now displayed using an internal viewer. Patched in (#002)
2867Online FormsA new control has been added, 'Static Control', which allows simple text to be added to the body of a form.
2868SchemesA new option has been added to allow scheme sales to be included in the 'Sage Export File'.

2872eGOS EnglandThe ability to print a GOS3 takeaway voucher has been added to the eGOS management window.
2879Setup->LensesA second warning has been added when selecting to 'Delete ALL Lenses'
2885SystemNew stored procedures added to clear the image cache
2889Patient FilesAn option has been added to display all patient images
2890StockTriggering a stock search using the 'Enter' Key has been re-instated.
2891OPSWhen re-activating a cancelled payer, the edit window now opens to allow the monthly amount & payment plan start date to be changed.
2893DispenseIt is now possible to sell an item in dispense when the qty is zero or less, the user will be asked to confirm they wish to sell the item before it is sold.
2899ReportingWhen running reports, there is now an 'Export' option - selecting it will export the chosen report to an Excel spreadsheet. The user chooses the export folder before the file is created.
2900Patient FilesIt is now possible to open an image using an external 3rd party application, a new right-click menu option 'Open Externally' opens the application associated with .JPG files within Windows
2904Patient ImagingUsers of 'Hosted FLEX' may have experienced a delay because of the way that FLEX was writing the patient INI file - this has now been improved to remove any possible delay for the user.
2908Patient RecordsMarking a patient as deceased has always stopped all recalls, however the on-screen messaging was not displayed - it is now.

2910Appointment DiaryThe patients' title is now displayed in the appointment slot

2911OrdersProgressive searching has been replaced with a triggered search when looking for 'Extras / Sundry' items.

2912OrdersPerformance improvement when searching for an order. The filter options in the menu do not need to be changed when searching by order number.
2924eGOS EnglandA new option to print the patient declaration when signing on screen has been added, it is a requirement that this information is presented to the person signing before & during the signing process.
2935Scheme ExportA new data format option has been added that will force the scheme amount due figure to be rounded to 2 decimal places in the export file.

2961eGOS EnglandA new role option has been added 'Allow Submitting eGOS Claims' that when disabled will prevent staff members assigned to that role from submitting eGOS claims.

2969Patient RecordThe name of the staff member that cancelled an appointment is now displayed in the cancellations table on the 'Consent / Ap.. History' tab.

2988Clinical / Sight Exam'Insert Paragraphs' is now available in the notes box on the clinical refraction tab, right-click to access the option.

2972OrdersPerformance improvements have been made when viewing the orders section.
2973eGOS EnglandA check has been added to ensure that claims cannot be submitted when logged into a different branch to where the claim was created.
3023Lens SelectionChanges have been to the lens selector and range checking.

  • All diameters are now added to the dropdown list with the largest in-range diameter being selected.
  • A new range checking grid has been added to show the available range and the prescription for each eye.
  • The range checker now rounds prescription to the nearest 0.25 before checking for availability. 
3025DispenseAfter searching for a patient in the dispense screen, a new dispense record is created for the selected patient.
3031eGOS EnglandThe 'New' / 'Unchanged' prescription boxes on GOS3 are now synchronised with the tick boxes on the sight examination record.

3046Patient RemovalThe 'Patient Removal' tool now has a branch option added, only branches that the logged in staff member has access to will be available in the dropdown list or included if the 'All' option is selected.


Freshdesk #CategorySummary
1741Till Cashing UpAddresses an issue when there have been no payments processed in Flex for a given day, the 'Cash' figures do not appear on the 'View Previous' screen even if there was a difference between the manual and automatic amounts
2405FormulaeAddresses an issue where new formulae did not appear within the stock edit window until after FLEX was restarted
2414Contact Lens RecordsAddresses an issue where new staff members did not appear in the contact lens record until after FLEX was restarted
2730Contact Lens RecordsAddresses an issue where the occupation defaulted to 'Accountant'
2738Lens CataloguesAfter editing / saving a lens in the 'Lenses in use' table (double-click) the supplier is correctly retained in the combo box and the selected lens is correctly highlighted
2784Speed Writing LettersAddresses an issue with 'Hosted FLEX', where users were unable to save a temporary copy of the letter currently being edited.
2864eGOS EnglandAddresses an issue where vouchers were being added to eGOS claims for patients who were not eligible. patched in 1.5.5 (#015)
2873Till / VATAddresses an issue within the Cost Plus VAT method whereby a stock item that has no retail price set should prompt for the retail price & cost price at the point of sale.
2892Patient FilesAddresses an issue where no group was selected and patient files were not displaying correctly for the current patient. patched in 1.5.5 (#006)
2898Lens SelectorAddresses an issue where the left coating price was not being loaded when only a left lens was selected
2907Online BookingAddresses an issue where the options to 'Make available online' and 'Remove from online' were not always displaying when made active
2909DashboardsAddresses an issue where the 'Business Performance' dashboard would throw an error when searching through branch id's
2914eGOSAddresses an issue where the practitioner list was being set as read only and therefore a practitioner could not be selected
2915Patient RecordAddresses an issue where the patient salutation doesn't update when using the mouse to move between fields
2928Business IntelligenceAddresses an issue where the 'Business Performance' dashboard was including an extra day when it was calculating annual figures
2930DispenseAddresses an issue where the PD was being copied from the sight exam record even when the branch option was set to 'Copy PD from Last Disp'
2966Orders / WIPAddresses an issue where an order status marked as inactive was still visible
2967Orders / WIPAddresses an issue where the 'CL Recall Date' was displaying the wrong date
2980Clinical RecordsAddresses an issue where the option to show / hide the global dictionary was not working
2986eGOS EnglandAddresses an issue when creating multiple GOS4 claims against a sight examination that the date of last sight test was displaying the wrong date - it now displays the date of the examination that was selected by the user
3015Patient RecordAddresses an issue where the 'Deceased' control was overlapping the 'GDPR Consented' control
3022Lens CataloguesAddresses an issue where the 'Add Custom Lens' button isn't being hidden when viewing a non custom catalogue
3035Clinical RecordsAddresses an issue where the import option for 'Luneau' was adding the right PD in the left PD field 
3042Patient RecordsAddresses an issue where the 'Title' field displays all titles and is not correctly filtering based on the 'Gender' field
3047Till Cashing UpAddresses an issue where users could edit the 'Cash' field in the totals table in the cashing up screen, it is intended that this figure is calculated from the amounts entered into the notes / coins ready reckoner.
3052Staff SetupAddresses an issue where the list of titles is not correctly filtered by g
3063DispenseAddresses an issue where the Add was rounding incorrectly and the cyl / axis were not copying across when using the AVA option.