The eGOS management window is available at the top-right of the Patient Record. It has an updated design layout with images on buttons to make it easier to see which claim is being created. The screen is shown below. 

Create New Claim

Press the GOS 'number' to create your claim. At time of writing (April 2021), GOS6 is not yet available - due late 2021.

All Claims

All claims are shown for the Patient in this box. Right-click on a claim to delete or submit it.


Capture or receive a signature from your Partner App here.

  • A check is made when creating a new claim to see if another claim is already ‘In Progress’ (this will prevent confusion where a claim cannot be created as another already exists linked to the same sight exam)
  • eGOS1 claims can now be created automatically when a patient Is marked as ‘Attended’ (option can be enabled Setup->Branch Record->Integration)
  • A housekeeping routine has been added that will remove claims that are older than 7 days, marked as ‘In Progress’ with no exam linked and no patient signature