The following changes have been made to allow direct ordering with Zeiss from FLEX :


·         The ‘Frame Type’ is now sent in EDI orders to Zeiss

·         A new ‘Standard Shape’ window is available under the Zeiss Measurements section. This allows you to select one of their standard shapes instead of a traced shape. The standard shape number is displayed on the dispensing window in the lens measurements section. If a trace has been attached to the dispense, the word ‘Trace’ will appear instead. You can click on the word trace (or shape number) to open the trace window or standard shape window, respectively.

·         The ‘Standard Shape’ number has been added to the Dispense Summary report and is printed in the notes section of any orders that use a standard shape.

·         The ‘FFV’ measurement has been changed to a text field and now defaults to an empty string instead of 0 (0 is a valid entry for this measurement).

·         There is now a warning in the confirmation window if the ‘FFV’ is empty. Once the pair is confirmed, this message will not appear again for this pair.

·         When confirming a dispense, the supplier is now automatically selected based on the linked Hawkstone catalogue.

·         The lens selector now automatically picks the ‘Largest’ available diameter for the selected lens, instead of the smallest

·         The find dispense window now correctly filters based on the branches you have access to

·         The ‘More Measurements’ button has now been fixed for Zeiss orders, only appearing when additional measurements need to be entered for the selected lens

·         Once an order has been sent (or a supplier’s reference number has been entered manually) the linked dispense record is locked completely – except for the notes box.

·         You can now only enter either the ‘Edge’ or ‘Centre’ thickness. A warning will be displayed if you enter both and only one will be sent to Zeiss. (‘Edge’ by default)

·         ‘Lens Front Curve’ is now being sent correctly in the XML order.

·         There is now an option for ‘Default Order Type’ in the dispense setup (Uncut, Glazed, Send In Frame, Remote Edged). This is applied when opening the send order window

·         You are now able to edit orders (and the corresponding dispense) from the send order window. There are role options to allow this, also editing of orders at other branches that you have access to. The ‘Locked’ tick box works the same as the dispense screen - only measurements can be edited because all dispenses that have been ordered are confirmed.

·         A Zeiss suffix has been added to the order number on the send order window, up to 13 characters can be entered.

·         Items can no longer be deleted if an order has been ‘Posted to the till