Docmail, a third-party sending service, offers you the ability to send reminders, marketing and ad-hoc content to patients via Letters and Postcards which are printed outside of your practice, saving you time and money.

The video below talks you through Docmail 'end to end'; in FLEX.

Step 1 - Sign Up To Docmail & Put Your Account Details Into Flex

Please sign up using this link:

If you are an existing user, please email and ask them to migrate your account to 'OptinetVM'

Please click here for more information on using the Docmail website for FLEX setup, as well as instructions on how to register for an account for use within Flex.

Once you have registered, you can add your Docmail account details into Flex via the Branch setup screen, in the box pictured below. You can also check 'Docmail' in the Default Mailing House box. The Optinet PIN will be required to finish the process, please Raise a Ticket at the top of this page and we shall action this for you. 

You can press 'Check Account' to confirm your account balance. New customers get £10.00 credit FREE.

Step 2 - Link your Backgrounds into FLEX

Backgrounds are essentially Letterheads, and the text you send from FLEX (the letter content and the Merge fields) are superimposed onto these backgrounds. To set these up in Docmail and indeed FLEX, How to Use Docmail Backgrounds

Step 3 - Sending Letters via Docmail

To send your recalls via Docmail, head to the recall widget. Once there, change the Letter Format to Docmail along the top bar (this should have automatically changed to Docmail). You can also see your Docmail balance here, as well as what the recall set to currently be sent will cost. Tip: Make sure you have enough credit before sending your letters!

Sending marketing content from Data Mining works just the same as if you were sending Letters to print out in practice. You can also send 'ad-hoc' letters via the Patient Record. Choose Print > Letter (from Speedmail),

Step 4 - Sending Postcards via Docmail

Please see How Do I Send Postcards via Docmail?