The letter template backgrounds (essentially letterheads) require use of Docmail. If you don't already use Docmail please click here for more information on using Docmail in Flex, as well as instructions on how to register for an account for use within Flex. 

Backgrounds are templates which can be printed behind the content of your letters and can be used for things such as letterheads or company logos. The first thing you will need to do is upload the background to the docmail website, help with how to do this can be found in the advanced guide on the Docmail website found here.

Once a background has been uploaded to docmail we can then assign it to a letter or letters in Flex. To do this, go to Menu in the top right hand corner of Flex and choose setup, in the window that appears, select Communication and then Letter Templates. And you will reach the window below:

This section contains all the letter templates you have in Flex. To apply a docmail background to one of these templates, select the Backgrounds button in the top right corner of the screen. 

This will display all the backgrounds which have been uploaded to your docmail account, if your background isn't appearing in this list make sure it was uploaded onto Docmail correctly.

To apply a background select it with a single left click and then choose the "link to" option, from here you can select which letter template you want to apply the background to.

Once done, the letter template will appear as having the background assigned to it in the main window as seen below. When this letter gets sent through docmail in the future the letter contents will appear on top of the chosen background

In this page, you can also tick the following boxes which involve Docmail:

  • Colour: The letter will be sent in Colour. This will cost slightly more than Black and White.
  • Duplex: The letter will use both sides of each sheet of paper.
  • 1st Class Del: The letter will be sent First Class. This will cost slightly more than Standard (2nd Class).