Welcome to OPS (Optical Payment Services) in FLEX from Optinet. OPS is an exclusive service for NEG (National Eyecare Group) and Optinet FLEX members. It offers a cost-effective way of collecting monthly payments from your patients, by Direct Debit. Regardless of whether you already collect Direct Debits or use standing Orders, OPS can save you money and offer an easy to use, paperless service which can help you manage your cash flow and increase your patient loyalty.

Benefits of the OPS Direct Debit services

  • Bank account validation
  • Advanced notification sent to payee
  • Can be fully paperless or paper mandates
  • View & amend payer records including payment history
  • Full reporting of cancelled D/D on day of cancellation
  • Fully detailed reconciliation reports on day of clearing
  • Fully integrated with Optinet FLEX Practice Management Software

There is a downloadable guide available here