The options discussed on this page are found by selecting Menu --> Setup --> Examinations --> Sight Exams


Under "Types", the different types of Examination which appear in the Sight Test can be added / modified.


- "Sight Examination" should be ticked as the Default. We would not recommend changing this.

- NHS Code is used for NHS Scotland purposes only, as is Scotland Fee.

- Display Order shows the order in which they will appear on the Sight Test.

- The Dashboard tick-box shows whether or not these exams will be included in Dispensing analysis. Only tick the box for types of exam you would expect / hope for a Dispense from, e.g. not MECS / PEARS / Pressure Check etc.

- Active tick-box simply shows whether or not these will appear in the Sight Test window.

Test Photo Options & Domiciliary Options are for NHS Scotland Only.

Retest Reasons can be added or updated (but should not need to be), NHS / Evidence can also be added or updated (but again, should not need to be).

Base Directions for Prisms can be set here. This is another setting where the data should not need editing.

The final tab, Other, covers tables that contain data that is used through the Sight Tests:

Occupations, Medications, Eye Drops and Tonometers. Double-click into an empty row to add a new item, or tick the Inactive box to remove an entry from the list within the Sight Test window.

The order of the Tonometers can be set here, and the default BVD can also be chosen.