Optinet take Customer Service to the next level

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer service, I am proud to tell you more about the Optinet Customer Service Portal – a dedicated online presence which offers all customers the ability to raise, track and reply to support tickets online. 

Whether tickets are raised by phone, email, through a third party or even via our Twitter account, all tickets can be managed online, giving users the ability to reply, close and add colleagues into tickets. 


LOGIN. Navigate to https://optinetuk.freshdesk.com. You do not have to log in to view our knowledge base or even to raise a ticket. To “Check Ticket Status” you must be logged in.


SUBMIT. Click on “New Support Ticket” to open the window below. Tips:

  1. Your “Requester” email address is automatically filled out when logged in.
  2. As you write a “Subject”, links from our Knowledge Base will appear.
  3. Give us as much detail as you can in “Description”. You can attach a file if you wish. 


TRACK. You need to be logged in to do this. Click on “Check Ticket Status”. Your ticket(s) are show on the screen. You can see who is working on it, its status, if it has been actioned, and how long the ticket has been opened. The buttons ringed in red are explained below.

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  1. REPLY. Send a response which your support agent will be notified about.
  2. CLOSE. Let us know the issue is resolved and self-close your ticket.
  3. ADD. Add further email addresses to the conversation.

RESOLVE A large amount of our tickets can be resolved by visiting our brand new online help system, offering enhanced searching, kudos and commenting facilities and instant updates from members of the customer service team.

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You can of course still call us, and we’ve made that better as well. You can now call us FREE on 0800 310 2400. This means regardless of how you contact us; it won’t cost you a penny. Please update any previous numbers you had for us.