We release updates to FLEX bi-annually, embracing New Features, Product Enhancements and Bug Fixes. The vast majority of the work we do is based on feedback and requests from you, our users. 

The last release was in Autumn 2020, 'FLEX 1.5.4' - you can see the version of FLEX you currently use in the very top of your system. You can disregards the last number, the emboldened section is the important part, i.e.

The next release, due in Spring 2021, is 'FLEX 1.5.5'. It will go to our Early Access Group in March 2021. Interested in joining the EAG? Drop us a ticket at the top of the page.

Click here for 1.5.4 Release Notes (Current Release)

Click here for 1.5.5 Release Notes (Upcoming Release)