The options discussed on this page are found by selecting Menu --> Setup -->  Till --> General --> Payment Methods

Double-click in a blank row to add a new payment method Description and enter its Payment Group (there is a key on the left-hand side of this window). All our sites currently use Chip & Pin as a stand-alone service so this box should never be ticked.

If Corporate payments are being taken, tick the Corporate box. When buttons relating to this payment method are clicked on the Till, only patients assigned to a Corporate Client can pay using this method. See How Do I Manage Corporate? for more information.

If the Exclude (Rep.) box is ticked, that payment method will not automatically appear on Business Intelligence General Reports but you can easily include it before you print if needed - see General Reports for more information. Most importantly, these excluded methods will not be shown on the Cashing Up.

You can also mark any irrelevant payment methods as Inactive.

Payment Groups help you to cash up, and also when the Till Buttons are being created. The ones shown below are the defaults. 

E - Electronic

C - Cash
Q - Cheque
B- Corporate
X - Written Off
D - Direct Debit
T - Transferred Payment