Recall Categories

A recall must be added at the end of a Sight Examination and / or Contact Lens Examination. The recall options available are customisable under Menu - Setup - Examinations and then Sight Test / Contact Lens.

The 'Sight Tests' page within the Examination Setup is primarily used to modify Recall categories and their respective schedules. When an Optom has set the Recall within the Sight Test, the Timeline tabs is updated accordingly with the relevant schedule. Underneath the icon for the method of contact (Letter, Text, Email, Postcard, Telephone), the name of the Recall to be sent appears. 

These Recall Categories can be created or updated by typing into an empty row in the Description box with a suitable title. The Min Age (for example for pensioners), Max Age (for example for children) can be entered, and in how many Months time the recall will be sent by default can also be entered. This default number of months can be amended on a n exam by exam basis.

On the right hand side of the window is the Recall Schedule;  This shows how each template (recall) is dispatched to the client. These can be added using the green +, removed with the red - or customised by double-clicking. See below the screenshot for more details on updating Recall Schedules.

If you modify the schedules, any patients put onto this schedule moving forward will receive the updated schedule. If you would like everyone previously assigned this category to receive the new course of correspondence, you will need to "Rebuild the Timeline". We recommend Optinet Support helping with this - raise a ticket using the links at the top of the portal to schedule an appointment.

Additional Recalls can also be added here, for example if a standard recall is due in 12 months, a pressure check in 1 months time can be added. There is no limit to the amount of Additional Recalls that can be added to a sight test. Recall Schedules can be set up just the same as standard examinations (although often there will be no correspondence attached to these, in a similar way to Contact Lens Trials - e.g. for a MECS / PEARS scheme).

The Copy and Paste buttons (shown between the two tables titled Categories and Schedule) can be used to copy a schedule from one category to another.

To update a Recall Schedule, double click on a template. The window below will appear.

The contact method is shown in Step 1. Step 2 covers the template to use and Step 3 is where the reminder interval can be set.

Substitutes can now be set in Step 4. If a patient only wishes to be contacted by email, but their email address is wrong or missing, a substitute can be set, for example a SMS or a letter. Enter the relevant template. This will keep looking for substitutes until a successful contact method is found.

If you have multiple branches you can choose which branches this category is available for in Step 5. Hold down the Control (CTRL) key to select multiple branches. Different templates can be set for each branch.

Contact Lens Recall

These work in the same method as the Sight Exam; the recall schedules can be copied and pasted using the tools shown in the centre of the screen below as per the Sight Examination.