The options discussed on this page are found by selecting Menu --> Setup --> Patients

Surgeries & Doctors can be entered "On The Fly" when Adding A Patient Record or through the screen shown below. If you need to make amendments to surgeries and doctors, this is where you will do it. As more patients are added / updated, surgeries should have to be updated less often. Here is how the tab looks.

Both Surgeries and Doctors can be marked Inactive (for example the surgery has closed or a doctor has retired). Note that if a Doctor and / or Surgery has been assigned to a Patient, FLEX will not allow them to be deleted until they have been removed from all patient records, hence the inactivation feature whereby they will no longer appear in the list. Amending details is allowed even if the Surgery / Doctor has been assigned.

Click into a new line to add a new surgery or doctor.

Click New Surgery to add a new surgery. The window below is shown and the details can be added. Press Save when complete.