We recommend using OptiSave - our cloud based backup & validation service. Your data is automatically backed up every day and stored in our off-site 'cloud' servers. We download a backup every week and test it, if there are any problems a member of the support team will be in touch to investigate.

To learn more about OptiSave, please email support@optinetuk.com

How to make a manual backup

Taking an ad-hoc backup in FLEX is very simple but before you can take your first backup you need to set your 'Backup Path' within 'Setup'

  • In FLEX click on Menu > Setup >System > PC > PC Settings > FLEX Settings
  • Click the 3 dots in the 'Backup Destination' section and choose a folder to save your backups to 

Now that the backup path is set you can make manual backups.

Backups should be initiated from the main computer, this is where HFSQL is installed and the database resides.

  • In FLEX, click on Menu > Backup

  • You must confirm you wish to perform a local backup or you can abort at this point.
  • You can choose to also backup your 'Patient Images' and 'Correspondence' - it is recommended that you do this
  • A progress bar will be displayed in the top right corner of FLEX
  • When the backup has finished, a 'Backup completed' message will be displayed
  • You will find the backup files in the destination you set within setup, there will be 2 folders 'Files' & 'Backup' - each will have the date & time appended to the filename.
    • The FLEX data is stored in a zip file within the 'Backup' folder
    • The patient images & correspondence are stored in zip files within the 'Files' folder

If you need to restore a backup (e.g. due to a system crash),  call us on 0800 310 2400