We highly recommend using OptiSave - our cloud based, secure backup system. This will have been offered to you / discussed as part of your FLEX demonstration. OptiSave offers:

  • Backups done twice per day every day (1300 and 1900).
  • Backups uploaded to secure cloud based storage.
  • Storage is unlimited and you can use for your own data.
  • Optinet Staff systematically check backups every week for integrity and security.
For more information, please call us on 0800 310 2400

To do your own backup, because you don't have OptiSave or you wish to take an "ad-hoc" copy, the process is simple. Click onto Menu - Backup...

FLEX will ask if you wish to do a local backup. Before you do this, make sure you know where the files will be backed up to. To check this, click to Menu - Setup - System - PC. You will see the window below where you can select a file location. Once you're happy to backup, click yes. 

You will see FLEX backing up in the top-right corner, and a box will alert you when complete.


If you need to restore a backup (e.g. due to a system crash), please call us on 0800 310 2400