The tabs within the Contact Lens Record are all editable. You can find the Tab Config tab by heading to Menu > Setup > Examinations > Contact Lens.

  • The test type dropdown allows you to select the type of test you want to configure the tabs for. Once you have selected a test type, you can see all the tabs within that type. 
  • To change the name or caption of a tab, double click it to bring up the cursor. You can name your tabs anything you like, although we recommend keeping them as descriptive as possible for ease of use.

- In the clinical assessment column, you can choose an exam to use for your clinical assessment tabs, which can be set up in the main 'Clinical' setup.

- The display order of the tabs can be changed to suit your preference. The ascending numbers correspond to the tabs going left to right in the contact lens record, so #1 would be the first tab.

- You can quickly turn tabs on or off using the 'visible' tick boxes and select what can be seen by clinical and non-clinical staff members.