In the Recall tab, we can schedule various recalls and tasks, as well as assign the new lenses a status and make more notes if required:

  • Aftercare Recall - You can select a recall schedule to use and the due date for the patient to return will automatically be filled. You can manually change the amount of time using the 'Due In' box and dropdown.
  • Additional Recall - You can assign an additional recall schedule to a patient by ticking 'override'. 
  • Book Appointment - Using the go to diary tickbox, you are able to book a patient straight in for the next appointment once the contact lens record has been saved.
  • Staff Tasks - A task can be created from the contact lens record, allowing you to request that lenses be ordered and appointments to be booked as well as any other notes. Ticking any of the Yes boxes will generate an auto comment. Hovering over the question mark icon will give you a preview of what the note will look like. The staff tasks are created when the record is saved.
  • Lens Status - The status of the lens can be selected, be it Primary, Secondary, On Trial etc. This selection will reflect on the patient's main contact lens tab on their patient record.
  • Px Advice & General Notes - Any other advice or notes can be added here.
  • Solutions - Multiple solutions can be added to the record, either by entering a barcode or by clicking the 'Add Solutions' button

You can now save the record.