Refraction is where you can add lenses to the contact lens record as well as details about the patient's prescription. The following screenshots show the different sections of this page.

To add these lenses:

  1. Click 'New Lens' at the top of the window. This will bring up the Lens Wizard
  2. In the contact lens catalogues it is now possible to enter prices based on pack size. 
  3. This is done in Setup / Examinations / Contact Lens / Lenses. In the lens wizard, hovering the mouse over a lens will display a tooltip showing the prices for each pack size, and changing the pack size on the contact lens record will automatically update the price.

  1. Choose the Supplier, Lens Type and Lens Group. Lenses available will be shown under Matching Lenses
  2. Double-click on a lens to select it for both eyes (or press BOTH) shown at the top of the screen.
  3.  The lenses will then be shown in yellow rectangles for each eye. 
    1. Alternatively, press Right / Left to select for just one eye, and then find the other lens (if relevant) and repeat the process. 
    2. Press OK and the Lens Wizard will close; we will then be back to our previous screen with the lenses now populated.

You may have to manually select the BOZR if multiple base curves are available for that lens. You can then choose the BVP, where only powers available for that lens are shown. For Toric lenses you can add in the Cyl / Axis and Add.

To remove lenses:

  •  Click 'Remove Lens'. You can choose either the left or right lens.

Bottom Half:

  1. Visual Acuity: Pre can be entered. This is open to interpretation, but we would suggest this is Unaided. Near Vision can be entered in Pre (N)
  2. Over-refraction can be entered for reference. To include in the Rx, tick the Apply button, which will update the Wearing / Order Rx.
  3. Visual Acuitiy: Post can be entered, along with Toric Alignment for Toric Lenses, which again is open to interpretation by the CLO.

Non-Clinical users should now head to RECALL