To create a new Sight Test, click to New at the top of the patient record and choose Sight Exam Record.

When a new Sight Exam Record has been selected, one of two windows will open. This will be dependent on whether or not you use the Clinical Module. Clinical gives Optometrists the ability to carry out customised Clinical Assessments, record up to 6 Rx's, create Clinical Drawings and add further detail. 

(For more details on upgrading to use this module, for training or a trial version, please Contact Us).

Note that if there is any 'Notable Data', this will flash up automatically. See Clinical Assessment for more information (Clinical Users only)

Note: Users with “Clinical” installed that are not set as an Optometrist will still see the standard test record. The table below shows what you can expect to see. 

Tab Clinical Non-Clinical
 Medical Assessment Optoms Optoms
 Clinical Assessment  X
 Clinical Refraction   Prescription
 IOP / PD  
 Clinical Notes  
 Clinical Drawing  X
 Clinical Billing  X
 NHS / Recall 

These differences are shown in the images below. If you DO have this module, you will see the first screen below. If you DO NOT, it will be the second screen.