To generate a Contact Lens Order, click onto the Patient Record and click Contact Lens (Across the top blue bar) and choose Orders.

A window such as the one below, will appear showing all previous Contact Lens orders (if there are any). 

Then click onto New C/L Order  and the window below will appear.

Highlight the Lenses to be ordered from those listed.  Click Select and the following screen will be displayed.

Step 1: Choose the pack size, if the lenses are for a Trial / Px Supply, the quantity of each and any solution provided. This will update the prices.

Step 2: Any solutions added when entering initial CL record will be visible here.
Step 3: Will show the delivery address as the practice
Step 4: Use the Date Picker to choose a Required by Date.
Step 5: Repeat Options, how many weeks and the option to select the patients address rather than practice.

Step 6: Order Notes if necessary

The lenses on order will appear at the bottom of this screen as read only.

Finally, press Save. An order will be generated which joins spectacle dispenses in the Orders screen, and the bill is posted to the Till

A prompt will come up asking if you do want to create an order at this point.  Select Yes if you do. Then an option to Post to Till will appear, select Yes.

Select Receipt box will appear.  If the patient has outstanding amounts here you have the option to add to the receipt or create a  new one.

You will then have an order number box appear briefly, confirming that the order has been created within FLEX.  It will also now appear in the order section and ready for further updates as necessary.