When a patient has booked an appointment online, the appointment(s) will go into a holding area, accessible via a button at the top of the appointment screen. The button displays a count of the amount of online bookings requested that require actioning.

Clicking on the Online Bookings button will show the following:

You should [[double click]] the booking requests to view the full booking details and to see whether there is a match with another existing patient record on the system.

Once you have double clicked you will see this screen ;

Flex will attempt to match with an existing Patient.

If you see a match and the details are the same then Tick the match (in yellow box above) and then Save to choose that match.

Also check if the address is new, you can copy this across with (>>)
button from the booking info filled in Online.
As per the screenshot below in yellow:

You can also search using the magnifying glass to try and find the Patient. 

Back to the previous screen 

To Accept or clear this Booking online, you [right click] the mouse on it,

You can then either Add To Flex Diary (the booking will be added to the diary within Flex, just like a normal appointment)

or Remove Booking (for example, something has come up, and the appointment needs rescheduling).

You will then need to let the Patient know the booking was accepted - send an SMS/Email or phone to confirm the appointment.

If you require more assistance with this then please either call us on 0800 310 2400 or email us at support@optinetuk.com