Correspondence can be Printed using the Print tab at the top of the patient record. This is shown in the image below. The various options are explained below.

Letter (From Template)

Letters from Templates can be sent straight to the printer by clicking Letter (From Template), selecting the relevant letter and pressing Select

Letter (Speedwriting)

The Speedwriting option works in a similar fashion to the option above, however the relevant template can be edited before printing. Like a Print Preview, you can add or amend information before printing (it is a fully editable Word Processing document). 

For both of these options, A copy of the letter will be saved in the Correspondence log. Information about creating and editing Templates can be found here

Letter (Via Speedmail)

The same functionality as Letter (From Template), but uses your external printing service (generally Docmail) 

Postcard (Via Speedmail)

For DocMail users, the ability to send a Postcard.

Continue Recent

You have the ability to save a letter when speedwriting if you need to come back to it. You will be prompted to give it a name. When you are ready to continue it, press Continue Recent and choose it from the list. Letters are removed from this list at point of Printing, when they then go into the Correspondence tab. You will only see this tab if there are available documents to continue.

Form (GOS1 etc.)

The ability to print a form (generally GOS) from the list given. 

Zebra / DYMO Label

This allows labels to be printed. Once Select has been pressed, the Printing dialogue box will appear. Information about creating and editing Templates can be found here 

Patient Notes

All Patient Notes on the account will be sent directly to the printer

Clinical Assessment

For Clinical Users, the ability to print out full Clinical Assessments for Sight Exams and/or Contact Lens Episodes.
Notes from a Clinical Assessment can be printed by clicking on the bottom option within the Print menu.