A ‘Patient Account’ is available in FLEX. Payments can be made into the account by the patient and funds deducted from the account via the till.


·         Till buttons can be set up for patient account top-up and patient account spend.

·         The current balance is visible next to the receipt balance on the till screen.

·         Account transaction history is available in the till screen & as a printed report.

·         Account balance is visible on the patient record

·         Patient balance can be spent on any till receipt, just like a normal payment.

·         You can void “Patient account spend” lines that have not been cashed up, it will add the amount back into the patient account.

·         You can refund any unspent balance from the account history window if necessary.

·         Patient account cannot be used in conjunction with the “Cash (Bank Transaction)” Xero upload method.

More information about the Patient Account is here: