FLEX, via a third party called Loqate, gives you the ability to look up addresses by entering the Postcode and choosing an address from a list of results. This saves time on data entry and also gives assurance of valid address details as the results are referenced against the Royal Mail "Postcode Address File" - particularly useful is using third party printing and correspondence services.

To create an account, click here -
After Creating an Account, you will need an API Key,

to get this ;
Telephone Loqate - Contact Loqate details  
email this address -  loqatesupport@gbgplc.com

Request  an "API key" for Optinet Flex and specify - "My Account name is..."

Once you have your account details set up, we can link this service into FLEX for you. For queries, call us on 0800 310 2400, or see this guide regarding our added services.

In FLEX, once set up, wherever you see an address box, you can press the magnifying glass button to open up the search facility and enter your postcode. FLEX will return a list of results and you can choose one from the list.