You can also send Postcards via Docmail through FLEX, be it as part of Patient Recall, Marketing, or even one-offs through the patient record.

Once everything is set up with your Docmail account, you need to create a postcard template(s) to use instead of recall letters. Head to Menu > Setup > Communication > Postcard Templates.

In here, click on the tab called Postcard Images. You can see that there are a selection of pre-loaded images. If none of these suit, you can upload your own image from your computer by clicking Add Local Image

Next, head to the Final Postcard Templates tab and click New at the top. Select the image you want to use via the image picker box that appears and you will then be presented with a window with which to type out the content of your postcard. You can change the font style, size and colour here to suit your needs using the toolbar, a bit like in Microsoft word. You will also need to give the postcard a title which is used internally in Flex so you can differentiate between different templates.

Note: there is not a merge field option in this section at the moment, so you will need to make the content of the postcard generic, e.g. 'You are due a sight test, please ring us now on 0123456789 to book.'

Using as Part of Patient Recall

Please see the Recall page for more on recalls. In the recall schedules, you can choose 'POSTCARD' instead of the existing methods in use. Note that POSTCARD uses the same recall preference as LETTER, i.e. if a patient has a postal address, they are happy to receive both of these methods.

Using for Marketing

Please see the Data Mining for more on Marketing. Postcards will be sent to the Timeline widget as Letters, SMS, Email etc would be.

Sending a one-off Postcard

On the Patient Record, press Print and choose Postcard.