The patient / performer can sign for their test / the day respectively using an Android phone / tablet if preferred. Practices may also find the mobility of a tablet useful for elderly / infirm patients who may struggle to stand up to the desk where the signature pad is located.

The app uses an Internet connection, so if you have no / poor Wi-Fi coverage in your practice, we do not recommend this option. If you wish to set this as the main method of signature, navigate to Menu - Setup - Branch - Integrations and choose 'Tablet'. This is shown below.

If the signature pad is your preferred method but you wish to change on a claim-by-claim basis, you can change this using the drop-down at the top right-hand corner of the GOS1 / GOS3 claim. This is shown below.

To set up the app, please visit on your Android device and choose 'eGosAndroidAPK'. You can also click on the image below to access this file. Please allow permissions and install the app. It will require your FLEX License Number. This is in the top bar of FLEX and is eight characters - it will look like this: (10001234).

Once the above have been completed and you have the App open, when requesting a signature, FLEX will populate the app with Px information which can be confirmed, and the signature can then be entered and pulled into FLEX.