You will only see this screen if you have been set as a manager. Management Widgets are shown on the "Mgr Home" screen, the button is in the top left corner.  

This is divided into 4 widgets to give you an overview of the business performance, or quickly access key management features. This useful tool gives you a snapshot of the practice, encompassing Appointment Return Reasons, Sales, Appointments and the Dispense figures for different members of staff.

Currently, this screen is pre-set, with only the date ranges being editable, not the data type shown. The widgets are summarised below: 

Appointments Return Reason: A "donut" of the reasons patients are returning. This is populated by setting the return reason when Booking An Appointment

Total Sales: This line graph shows the total sales during the specified period. This is populated by items being added to the Till, be it manually by using the Till buttons or by going through the Dispense and Orders process. 

Appointments by Status: A stacked bar graph showing whether appointments have been Attended, Cancelled or Failed. This is populated by right-clicking on the appointment in the Home Widgets or by pressing the relevant button in the Appointments screen. 

Average Dispense: Sorted by staff member, this shows the average dispense value in pounds. This is populated by going through the Dispense and Orders process