Keyboard Shortcuts

FLEX is very much mouse based, but there are a couple of useful keyboard shortcuts which you may not be aware of:

F1: Opens up this Online Help System

F2: Returns you to The Home Screen, with the cursor flashing in the "Patient Search" window.

F6: Locks your screen 

Menu Bar


You may have noticed that many pages in the help file tell you that what you are reading about can be customised within the Setup menu. It is accessed through the Menu button, which lives on the top right of every screen within FLEX.

Lets look at what this menu bar offers...

Lock Screen - Press F6 at any time to lock your screen. Any user can unlock it by entering their PIN, even if they were not logged into it before. The last correct digit of your PIN will log you in: no need to press Enter.

Change My PIN - Update your PIN. It will ask for your new PIN to be confirmed to save mistakes and lock-outs.

Sign for the Day - eGOS - If using eGOS the optom can sign once for the day, this will be bought through to each GOS form created that day.  This negates the need to sign individual forms.

Start (Pause) Auto-Notify - Turn on (or off) automatic Email and SMS notifications.

Remote Support - Opens up the ConnectWise Control Remote Support window for when you need help.

Email Support - Opens up an email window, where your message can be sent directly to the FLEX support team.

Send A Suggestion - Opens up a webform where you can send in your suggestions for improving FLEX.

Address Book - Also available by pressing F3 at any time, more information is here

Show Connected Users - See who is logged into FLEX at your Practice. 

About - Gives you details about your copy of FLEX and your computer. 

Setup - All the customisable aspects of FLEX are found within the Setup.

Update Licence - Checks if a new licence is available (Internet Connection required)

Backup - see How Do I Backup FLEX? 

Exit FLEX - Exactly what it says on the tin!