If you need to open FLEX up from scratch, turn on and log in to your computer. You will then need to double-click on the FLEX icon:

The login screen will then appear:

On the training day, you will have been given a Staff ID number (“public”) and set a PIN code (known only by you). If you do not have or have forgotten these details, please speak to your manager in the first instance, otherwise our support team can help you. Enter the details you have been given, choose your branch (even if you only have one) and then press the “Login” button which appears when the details have been filled out. You will then see The Home Screen 

If FLEX is already open, you will see the Lock screen. From here, simply enter your PIN code; the last correct digit lets you in (no need to press Enter).

When you have finished, press the F6 button on your keyboard to lock the screen.