Check list of Claims

Through Business Intelligence – Reporting and choose ‘eOphthalmic Claims’. The screen below is shown.
or eGOS Widget - see further down

Choose Business Intelligence – Reporting - NHS

Top of Screen -
Submit - Submits all valid claims.

Import CSV Statement - Upload your Statement from PCSE to Update your claims and payments (Refresh also does this)

Check Connection (Ping) - check your connection to the NHS servers

Refresh Recent Claims - get an update on your recent claims - you may find the Refresh ALL Claims on the left-hand side more useful. this screen using the buttons shown. 

Lefthand Menu
You can also search for claims SEE BELOW: 

Based on:  PX Reference, the (1) Claim Dates, the (2) Form Type or (3) Status:
- Awaiting Review (received, but need Refreshing)
- Accepted (will be paid- once a month)
- Payment Sent (Claim have been sent for payment)
- Ready for Claim - need submit
- Data Entry in Progress - claim needs finishing

Claims that are stuck - Call Help Desk.

(4) The top pane, Claims, shows all claims matching the Status (1,2,3).
 There is a right-click menu on Claims here, which gives the following options:

Go to Px Record – takes you to the Patient Record
Submit – Submits the Claim
Delete – Deletes the Claim
Create GOS3 Claim – Creates a GOS3
Create GOS3 Take Away Voucher – Create a GOS3 to print

The bottom pane (5), Claim Details, shows a history of this claim selected. There is a right-click menu here which gives the option to “View Details”.  Under Details you can see the Reason for a Rejection If there is an issue, this information can be shared with 1) PCSE or 2) Optinet.

on your Home Screen -
You can also add a 'Claims Widget' onto your  in FLEX, showing an overview of claims by date and status. This is shown below. On the Home Screen, press 'Change Widgets' and choose 'EGOS England'