EGOS in England went fully live in England in February 2021, after an initial period of testing in late 2019 and increasing uptake through 2020, inevitably delayed by the pandemic.

FLEX fully integrates with this system, currently offering full functionality for GOS 1, 3 (including takeaway vouchers), 4, 5 and 6.

(For this link you must have a Signature Method - the compliant e-Signature pad or an Android or Apple mobile device / tablet.   You will also need to have filled out this form - as your software provider, we need to request a 'Pre-Shared Key' (PSK) from PCSE on your behalf.)

Once we have received your information, we will carry out the configuration with you, and offer a short remote training session. Ongoing changes and tweaks are intended to be ‘self-setup’, but Optinet can help you with any FLEX-based issues.

There are two videos below. The left hand video gives a full overview of the system; the right hand video is the latest updates (FLEX of course updates to accommodate NHS / PCSE changes). The latest changes were made in Spring 2021.